How Do I Check My CSA Score?

Routinely checking your CSA score can help you identify whether your motor carrier is at risk of violating the FMCSA's safety regulations and can alert you to quickly take action if necessary. A high CSA score may require costly interventions, so it's important to know where you rank and keep your score low.

Checking your CSA score is easy and free. Visit the CSA program website and enter your US DOT number and US DOT PIN number into the SMS login page . If you've misplaced your PIN or do not have one, you can request one from the US DOT and expect to receive one within a week's time. You can also log into the FMCSA Portal and navigate to the SMS link.

Motor carriers are held accountable for any of their driver's violations. Although you will not inherit past violations of a new driver, all inspections or violations of a current driver will remain a part of your motor carrier's record for 24 months (even if a driver no longer works for you). The Safety Management System (SMS) updates CSA scores each month, so it's easy to stay up to date by periodically checking to see if there are any new changes reflected on your record.

What is a CSA score?

Short for Compliance, Safety and Accountability, CSA is a program the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) uses to monitor the safety record of registered motor carriers in the United States. It aims to decrease instances of unsafe driving among commercial drivers and increase safety on the roads. The FMCSA assigns a CSA percentile rank (more commonly referred to as a 'CSA score') that reflects on-road safety performance compared to other carriers with similar fleet size and safety events. The score is based on roadside inspection and crash report data in seven behavior analysis safety improvement categories:

  1. Unsafe driving
  2. Crash indicator
  3. Hours of Service (HOS) compliance
  4. Vehicle maintenance
  5. Controlled substances/alcohol
  6. Hazardous materials compliance
  7. Driver fitness

How do I check a PSP report?

If you're a fleet manager wanting to employ new drivers, the Pre-Employment Screening Program, or PSP, can help you make an informed hiring decision. A PSP is a Congressional screening tool that provides a driver's crash and inspection history record. These records can only be obtained for pre-employment screening purposes and require the driver's consent. Individual drivers, on the other hand, can access their own record at any time through the PSP online service for a $10 fee or for free via a Freedom of Information Act request.

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